The art of loving and processing timber

“A throne is nothing but timber covered with velvet.”

(Honoré de Balzac)

The best way to be born is out of love.

It was 1946 in Omegna, a small lake village on the shores of Lake Orta, in northwest Italy; Legnoart was born here out of love and passion for wood and beauty. Today, after almost seventy years, Legnoart is among the major Italian companies in the household, kitchen and cellar furniture design business, and is distributed in over 52 countries. Our collections are the product of several meetings with designers sharing the will to fashion objects that match the sophisticated and elegant Italian style with innovation, function and durability. Products meant for those who love sophisticated wines and food and have a strong sense of beauty. Beauty is such only when accompanied by personality.



“Style is the image of personality.”

(Edward Gibbon)

Our products stand out for a clear identity and a distinct character. Our design objects will bring in your home, kitchen or cellar the best of Italian tradition. Our products take shape from the creativity of our designers, together with out four pillars.

1. Food and wine culture and lifestyle.

Italians have a natural and innate taste for good food and wine. At Legnoart we turned this food and wine culture into out own art, creating objects that find their naturally suited place in the world of quality wines and kitchen delicacies. Those who own a Legnoart piece are like us: they love beauty, function and quality, while appreciating the importance of technical features. They believe daily life is a space to be arranged and where individual choices can be expressed in pursuit of a new life style that rejects mass consumerism.



2. Italian handcrafting The care and painstaking attention for details

permeated every single product in our collections. Our elegance is minimalist, though the function is impeccable and the uniqueness uncompromising. The material quality is excellent, and we do not intend it to be any less that perfect, and during the production phase we prefer to fix the small defects in our planks instead of resorting to chemical processes that would make our surfaces all the same. Because the uniqueness and beauty of wood lie in its small imperfections. The product manufacturing phase takes place in a controlled environment, for the purpose of preventing the wood from enduring thermal shocks throughout the process. Every piece is processed individually, leaving the operator free to chose the best way to bring out the best from the raw material, and the finishing is handmade in order to make the most of every single product. Finally, the company is in direct control of the entire manufacturing cycle: as such it ensures flexibility throughout it, as well as high-level quality control.

3. Contemporary design. Our products display an outstanding consistency

in terms of image and stem from a single creative sensitivity. The well-balanced design avoids both excessive post-modern intellectualism and the expressive flatness of traditional design. The lines are essential yet versatile and targeted on function. For Legnoart design is a bridge between the present and the future: the passing of time and the changing social and economic trends determine a change in needs and taste; consequently, Legnoart focuses on researching new and innovative solutions. Our customers’ thirst for new and original solutions is always quenched, because we always anticipate new trends and developments in the reference cultural models.



4. Ecology and wood processing Thermal wood processing is a high-tech technique

whereby wood is brought to a temperature between 180°C and 230°C to change its chemical and mechanical properties. This results into a new product, with darker overtones, 100% environmentally friendly, stable and water, climate and parasite resistant. Moreover, in order to protect the finished product, plant and mineral substances are used. The finishing is visually open pore, to bring out the structure of wood and to display the pores where sap used to flow. These channels were developed by the plant spring after spring through its entire life, and their arrangement tells us about the life of the tree: how may years it lived, how fast it grew and the type of environment it inhabited. Those who joint Legnoart, become part of a team.

“A design object results from a common effort made by many people in their respective areas of expertise, be they industrial, technical, commercial or aesthetic. A designer’s work is the expressive sum of this collective effort. What our design cycle stands out for is the steady contact among many parties, from the entrepreneur to the last worker.”

(Achille Castiglioni)

For years we selected distributors and agents in different markets, who share our vision and work with competence

and professionalism. Legnoart cannot do without its many partners around the world: without them we could not have our creations be known and sold worldwide. Our distribution is made up of selective point of sales and specialised stores in 52 different countries. All together, we are the Legnoart team. We are a strong team because we provide strong guarantees The Legnoart products cater to fundamental daily life needs, in the kitchen, at home and in our cellars. If on one side our creations are made of simple and common-use objects, such as kitchen utensils, on the other they also feature objects that fall into a potentially growing market, such as wine collecting. We turn to the most dynamic emerging segments in the social scenario with products that partake in the urban rebirth process at play in the main world economies. This allows our commercial partners to be highly engaged all year round, avoiding seasonal slumps and guaranteeing fast stock rotation.



For those who deal with design, details are fundamental, even when it comes to packaging and displays.

Every product category in our catalogue offers a comprehensive selection of products, each with the individual ability to convey the overall image of Legnoart’s style in the store and ensure a high-impact display. The product displays are designed according to very accurate functional and aesthetic principles. Some products are available in gift packages, Legnoartdesign wooden boxes, though they are also grouped and presented in functionally complete sets. Even the basic package made with corrugated cardboard, was designed with an eye on product integrity and style harmony. The packaging, too, resonates with our dual soul, beauty and function. Finally, we believe that the sale is just he first step towards the creation of a lasting relation, which should be based on mutual, genuine and deep understanding of the needs of our customers and the market trends. This is why we believe after-sale and customer satisfaction to be more important than sales.

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